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My Story

Yoga found me while I was working in a corporate office about 10 years ago. The company I worked for offered yoga classes during lunch and after work as part of their wellness program for employees. What started out as a way to socialize with my peers and get a work out in during work hours, turned into a life long practice.

Initially, I kept going to the classes because of how physically strong it made me feel and I loved discovering things I could do with my body. Over time, I began learning that yoga is so much more than sweating and doing arm balances.

Throughout many breakups/heartbreaks, relocations, career changes and all of life's highs and lows, yoga has been a constant for me and has continued to help me stay physically and mentally healthy.

The pandemic set me on a new life path and I am now a full time yoga teacher. I feel so blessed to be living what feels to be a new life, in which I am able to share my learnings and love of yoga with as many people as possible!

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