Hi, my name is Gaby Yen! 
Yogabyyen was created from the play on words, YO(GA) and (GA)BY... 
It can be read as

Yo Gaby Yen or Yoga By Yen. 


About Gaby!

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor based in Jersey City/NYC, teaching in person and virtually worldwide. I have been practicing yoga since 2012, and I always aspired to become a teacher. Since I myself have been so lucky to have learned from wise and inspiring individuals, to be able to do the same for anyone else makes me so happy, grateful and gives me so much fulfilment! I will forever be a student of Yoga and of everything in this vast universe, continuing to learn and seek knowledge and inspiration, so that I can keep sharing with others!
I believe everyone could use more yoga in their lives, therefore inclusivity and accessibility are also very important to me!


My classes are catered to everyone everywhere and all levels are welcome! Getting a great workout in, in order to stay mentally and physically healthy and fit, so we can live longer and have more fun in our lives is my motto!

I hope to see you on the mat soon! 


Seek progress, not perfection.